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Wild Turkey

Scott McGuigan and a large tom

Unlock Your Turkey Property

by Scott McGuigan

Knowing your terrain will better your odds for bagging a bird, year over year Read more

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Tyler Cameron and his tom.
Wild Turkey

Photo Friday- April 11

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3 turkeys
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Improve your Turkey Hunt: Use a Trail Cam

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Savvy Strategies for Hunting Turkey on Public Land

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afternoon turkey in field
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5 New Wild Turkey WMUs Approved

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afternoon turkey in field
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4 New WMUs Might Get Spring Turkey Hunt

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Two guys hunting with a dog
Wild Turkey

Dogging it for Turkey

Man’s best friend can be a turkey’s worst enemy. Read more

Wild Turkey

How to Bag Turkeys in Bad Weather

You roll over and smack the ringing alarm clock. It takes a few seconds to realize that you set it for 3:30 a.m. because this is your only day to … Read more

afternoon turkey in field
Wild Turkey

Afternoon Tactics for Turkeys

There are many good reasons to hunt spring gobblers in the afternoon. Perhaps you slept in or the weather was too bad to get out in the morning. It might … Read more

turkey mouth call
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Caring for Mouth Calls

The morning starts, as every turkey hunter hopes, with a gobbler sounding off from a nearby tree. The hunter places a diaphragm call in his mouth and prepares to make … Read more