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caribou relocation


Caribou to be relocated by helicopter

by April Scott-Clarke | December 12, 2017

Caribou are already a species at risk in the province and the numbers on Michipicoten island have declined to a worrisome level due to predation from wolves...

knife knowledge - camillus knife


Put your knife knowledge to the test

by OOD in partnership with Camillus Knives. | August 22, 2017

Fancy yourself a knife expert? Or just curious about knives? Either way, put your knife knowledge to the test in this quiz!

hunting traditions


A season of hunting traditions

by Steve Galea | December 11, 2017

There is a sense of comfort in all of these hunting traditions, because for the most part, our hunting grounds have not changed in all that time.



No Trespassing Bylaw closes causeway to anglers

by Emily Walsh | December 6, 2017

A decision made by Peterborough County Council will have ramifications for anglers in the area. In a County Council meeting on Dec. 6 the council approved a No-Trespassing Bylaw for the James A. Gifford causeway...


Free Range

My inflatable PFD adventures

by Gord Ellis | December 1, 2017

I've been a fan of wearing an inflatable personal flotation device (PFD) for at least a decade, likely longer. Before that, I'd worn a variety of PFDs...

December 2017

Solunar Calendar

December 2017 Solunar Calendar

by Emily Walsh | November 27, 2017

The December 2017 solunar calendar is now available! Find out when wildlife is most likely to be active this month.

survival tools

Guns & Gear

Survival tools you need to pack

by Pamela Pal | November 24, 2017

If you’re heading into the wilderness, what survival tools should you take? It depends. Are you planning a typical day trip of hunting or fishing?