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What's the deal with Ontario cougars?

by Gord Ellis | January 17, 2018

Since that initial story, some 35 years ago, cougar sightings have continued to come in. Once I began my career as a journalist and broadcaster, tips, sightings, and other cougar-related information flowed in steadily. Some of them seemed legit, others, not so much.

knife knowledge - camillus knife


Put your knife knowledge to the test

by OOD in partnership with Camillus Knives. | August 22, 2017

Fancy yourself a knife expert? Or just curious about knives? Either way, put your knife knowledge to the test in this quiz!

caribou relocation


MNRF takes action on controversial caribou relocation

by April Scott-Clarke | January 15, 2018

The MNRF put its plan to relocate the depleting herd of caribou on Michipicoten Island into action over the weekend. A total of seven caribou were moved from Michipicoten Island...



MNRF releases details on licensing and regulation changes

by Emily Walsh | January 11, 2018

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has made some further details, regarding the numerous changes coming to hunting and fishing licensing and regulations, public...



Setting your own limits

by Steve Galea | January 9, 2018

Of course, the decision to limit what you take is a personal one, but I’m proud to say I see hunters and anglers set personal limits all the time... do right by the areas you hunt and odds are good, you’ll continue to have fine opportunities in seasons to come.



Game meat tourtière

by Andrew Rochon | January 5, 2018

Nothing says winter around my house like tourtière. I use a blend of venison, pork, and veal but feel free to make your own mix with moose, elk, or any other flavourful game meat.

Bluegills - Boshold

Ice Fishing

Expert tips to ice big bluegills

by Tim Allard | January 4, 2018

Want to catch giant bluegills? These tips will help... Locating and catching trophy bluegills will test an angler’s ice-fishing chops.