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So Fly

Handcrafted fly reels of Wayne Petrevan

by Ray Blades | November 15, 2017

I absolutely love handcrafted tackle, whether it’s bamboo fly rods, reels, hooks, leather fly wallets, or flies. But what draws me to craftsmanship is the ownership of what they do. These are makers that are producing parts of themselves...

knife knowledge - camillus knife


Put your knife knowledge to the test

by OOD in partnership with Camillus Knives. | August 22, 2017

Fancy yourself a knife expert? Or just curious about knives? Either way, put your knife knowledge to the test in this quiz!

Strike King


Strike King acquired by Lew’s

by Steve Galea | November 10, 2017

Strike King, one of the fishing industry’s most iconic brands, has been acquired by Lew’s, a holding corporation that also owns Mr. Crappie, Hunter’s Specialties, and Buck Bomb.

deer hunting

Big Game

6 Deer hunting reminders to keep in your sights

by April Scott-Clarke | November 8, 2017

As rifle season opens for deer hunters across the province, visions of venison steaks and stews can start to make the mind wander. Before you head to camp or pull the trigger, glance over these safety tips and regulation reminders to keep yourself focused, safe, and within the rules.

dead ducks


30 Dead ducks found on Woodbine Beach

by Emily Walsh | November 7, 2017

On the morning of November 5, 30 dead ducks and one dead heron were found on Woodbine Beach. Toronto Animal Services have since removed them...

cougar - paw size


UPDATE - MNRF in possession of cougar carcass found near Thunder Bay

by Gord Ellis | November 2, 2017

UPDATE - DNA testing of the Thunder Bay-area cougar carcass, completed by the US Forest Service, has determined, with 95% certainty, that the cougar’s genetics were most closely related to individuals from the region of...

November 2017 Solunar Calendar

Solunar Calendar

November 2017 Solunar Calendar

by Emily Walsh | November 1, 2017

The November 2017 solunar calendar is now available! Find out when wildlife is most likely to be active this month.