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Late Fall Muskie Magic

by Gord Ellis

Gord Ellis reflects back on late fall days on the water & one of the very best times to catch a giant fish. Read more

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The Skagit casting revolution

Ray Blades talks Tom Larimer demystifing Skagit casting in his video Skagit Revolution… Read more

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The best summer job ever

As snow starts to fall our guest blogger, 15 year-old, Aiden Wielinga is reflecting back on warmer days this summer spent working at a fishing resort. Read more

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Score: Grouse 2, Steve 0

Around here, an early season grouse hunt tends to be an exercise in futility. Read more

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Getting ready for the duck hunt

Right about now it’s like the night before Christmas around here. I leave for my annual week of duck hunting tomorrow Read more

three bucks - elk buck
Free Range
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Three bucks that bested me      

The advent of trail cams has changed the hunting game, here are three short stories about bucks that have eluded me… Read more

WOW 2016 group
She's Out There
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WOW, what a weekend!

I just had the pleasure of spending two and a half days with nearly 100 women at the OFAH annual Women’s Outdoor Weekend Read more

muskie fly fishing
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Flying for muskie

I’ve caught muskies on the fly before, but to play with the legendary fish of Georgian Bay, I enlisted the help of JP Bushey and Brian Slavinski. Read more

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I’ll take the wild game

Steve Galea explains the benefits of eating wild game over meats bought in a grocery store. Read more

tying deer hair
So Fly
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Tying with deer hair

Since bass season is nearly upon us… Here are a few expert tips and a video that will help you, and me, tie better deer-hair flies. Read more