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Fly Fishing

The fundamentals of safe wading

by Dan Kennaley

I always try to exercise caution and good judgment when I’m wading. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way. Read more

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Fly Fishing

A season for pressure-free fly tying

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Time-saving tributary tips

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Fly Fishing

A Novice’s Guide to Fly Fishing

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Fly Fishing

Photo Friday – April 25

Catching rainbows on a spring day. Read more

Rade caught this 9.5 pound steelhead on a homemade stone fly in Bowmanville Creek this past week. “It was a hard day of fishing. I caught a couple small guys and then that big one hit when I wasn't paying attention,” he said.
Fly Fishing

Photo Friday – December 6

He caught this steelhead when he “wasn’t paying attention.” Read more

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Fly Fishing

Steelheading Ontario’s West Coast

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Sassy Steelhead Sculpin fly
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DIY Flies for Rainbow Trout

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Fly Fishing

Big Flies for Big Pike

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Fly Fishing

The Truth About Trout Lies

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