crazy - pike photo

Crazy tricks to lure in fish

by Mike Miller | August 23, 2017

Having spent two decades travelling across Canada and making a living out of fishing, I’ve had to resort to some pretty crazy methods to make fish bite.

SUP fishing 101 - feature

SUP fishing 101

by Alyssa Lloyd | August 4, 2017

SUP advantages are clear to anglers: simple, portable, low cost, low maintenance, customizable, stealthy, and fun. Try these SUP fishing tips.

August 2017 - Solunar Calendar pic

August 2017 Solunar Calendar

by Amey Humphries | August 1, 2017

The August 2017 Solunar Calendar is available now! Find out when fish and game are most likely to be active this month.

beach - walleye

Catching walleye in the sand

by Tim Allard | July 25, 2017

Rocks typically come to mind when anglers visualize walleye habitat. But grains are good too. Walleye love sand bars, flats, and shorelines.

carp fly - fishing

Carp on the fly

by Ryan Sparks | July 24, 2017

Most people scoff at carp. Then again, most people have never caught one. To catch them on a fly is one of fishing’s greatest challenges.

topwater - chug, prop, or walk

Top choices for topwater summer smallmouth

by Luigi De Rose | July 14, 2017

Nothing is more enjoyable than watching a topwater work its magic on smallmouth, which makes these lures a fun and effective approach all summer long.

ICAST 2017 - ICAST on the Water

What’s new at ICAST 2017

by Emily Walsh | July 11, 2017

Managing Editor Ray Blades is on location at ICAST 2017, covering the latest innovations in fishing technology and equipment.

July 2017 solunar

July 2017 Solunar Calendar

by Amey Humphries | June 29, 2017

Check the July 2017 solunar calendar to get the dates when fish and wildlife are most likely to be active.

Avoid these seven sins of fishing

by Bob McGary | June 12, 2017

Rookies and experienced anglers alike are guilty of making some common mistakes. Avoid these “sins” to get on your way to a more productive day on the water.