northern style

Grouse hunting — northern style

by Tom Goldsmith | October 1, 2012

There’s more than big game in those woods.

edge cover

Run for Edge Cover

by Steve Galea | June 1, 2012

This area of the landscape can be highly productive.

Ruffed Grouse: Heir to the Throne

by Tom Goldsmith | May 1, 2012

Hark the sounds of spring royalty in the uplands.

9 Tips for better grouse hunting

by Steve Galea | August 25, 2010

Some hunters seem to have a sixth sense about where ruffed grouse will be located. These are the guys who suddenly become serious and tell you to get ready because the thicket ahead looks “birdy.” And, often, the whirring rise of a grouse beneath a pointer or flushing dog proves them correct in the most […]

top hunting stories - get grouse - hunter with dog on path

Where To Get Grouse

by Steve Galea | December 1, 2008

Serious grouse hunters are possessed by a special kind of crazy. They brave tangles that deter most snakes. They risk being skewered, flayed, and lashed by underbrush for even the remotest possibility of a flush. But, although they might be crazy, they’re not stupid. They know that the more unfriendly the cover, the greater the […]

mysteries - a dog holding a bird in it's mouth

Mysteries of Woodcock Revealed

by Tom Goldsmith | September 1, 2008

Perhaps due to their nocturnal tendencies or maybe their ability to sit motionless, camouflaged against the upland floor while hunters walk within inches of them, woodcock are among the least seen and understood of Ontario’s game birds. Indeed, most hunters’ exposure to them is limited to a few chance encounters while grouse hunting or perhaps […]

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