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Nighttime ban on the Ganaraska

by Amey Humphries | August 17, 2017

The Municipality of Port Hope has implemented a nighttime fishing ban from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. on stretches of the Ganaraska River.

NASP - girl shooting arrow

A school fun day with NASP

by Amey Humphries | August 16, 2017

Join Tim Watts, NASP coordinator for the OFAH, on a trip to Archie Stouffer Elementary School for a fun day of archery for students

privacy - fishing

Privacy laws used in attempt to poach fishing spot

by Steve Galea | August 15, 2017

Fishing pro and travel writer Mike Borger’s fishing spot was at risk of being poached due to an FOI request that sparked issues involving individual privacy.

Lyme disease: prevention and early detection

by Bill Hodgins | July 13, 2017

Lyme disease is most treatable during Stage 1. A delay makes treatment and diagnosis more difficult. Symptoms worsen during each stage of infection, ranging from flu-like symptoms to neurological illnesses…

Personal accounts of Lyme disease

by Bill Hodgins | July 12, 2017

Take it from these survivors personal accounts of Lyme disease, you don’t want to be dealing with this affliction. Walter Brown has a pretty good idea…

rabies cases - surveillance map feature size

Rabies cases on downswing but not under control

by April Scott-Clarke | July 7, 2017

Wildlife experts working to eradicate rabies in southern Ontario are breathing a small sigh of relief as they see the number of confirmed cases slowly drop from the skyrocketing levels of 2016.

UPDATED: Boating bill changing angler game in shared waterways

by Amey Humphries | June 15, 2017

A boating bill that will change responsibilities between Canadian customs and American and Canadian boaters is expected to receive Royal Assent and become law as early as next week.

ottawa boat show - crowd

Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows sells Ottawa Boat Show

by Amey Humphries | June 15, 2017

Master Promotions Ltd has announced it has purchased the Ottawa Boat Show from Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows (CNSS).

Fish scanner on the Ganaraska

by Jeff Helsdon | June 2, 2017

Assessing fish as they move through a fish ladder has traditionally been a labour-intensive effort… Modern technology is changing that. A new fish scanner and camera at Corbett’s Dam on the Ganaraska River allows biologists…