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Thread: PR Bullets Duplex Sabots, not too shabby

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    I am only working half days this week so I can get out with the smoke pole to try for a buck, saw a monster while going out to bait yesterday around 10am, I hope he comes back.

    Anyway, the percussion cap gun was verified with true BP this year, the Pyrodex gave me some bad hang fires last year and I have been advised that Goex is better in damp weather, so why now. I shot patched round balls and PA conicals at 50 yards, bullets just stacked, not planning to shoot further than that so done and done there.

    Next was the inline, a Traditions Pursuit G4 Ultralight. This was purchased for my wife as the gun is really light. The plan was to run 300gr XTP bullets for me but I was just not having luck with them, will come back to them but got frustrated and decided to move to the other option. Option 2, the one I planned for my wife, was a 357 bullet loaded in a custom duplex sabot from PR bullets. They have a lead bullet option if you pay the money for it but I wanted to see what I could put together. 180gr XTP bullets designed for the 357 Mag shot just fine last time out but I was worried about the velocity, these bullets are not designed to run up at 2000fps. I picked up a box of 35 Rem bullets, 200gr RN bullets and a half dozen 200gr FTX bullets from a friend. The books say the FTX will not stabilize, well, they are not wrong. At 50 yards the FTX bullets hit sideways, that was the end of that experiment. The 200gr RN bullets are about the same length as the 300gr 44 cal XTP bullets, so they should stabilize with the 1 in 28in twist. I loaded up with 100gr of FFFg 777 and fired a 3 shot group at 50 yards, less than 1in across, very nice. Playing is not over with this but at the moment this is my load for the week. This rifle has now essentially been turned into a single shot 35 Rem, should do the trick.

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