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Thread: Powerbelt alternatives for CVA

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    Quote Originally Posted by tr21chris View Post
    In my Optima magnum I've had really good accuracy with 2 triple seven mag pellets 120gr, and Thompson shockwave 250gr. That and the Hornady SST250 gr were both really good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Muskyhunter View Post
    Over the years I have had several bad experiences with Powerbelts blowing up but I liked them for the ease of loading. After a couple instances of blowing up, I switched to Hornady 300 grn SST both in my black powder and my smokeless ML.

    I have killed about 10 deer with the SST and 2 moose (130 and 160 yards with smokeless) and those bullets and they have never let me down. It is a no brainer in my mind.

    Good luck.
    Thanks guys. I'm definitely going to try some of the SST's.

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