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Thread: European hares and rabbits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by falconer View Post
    I am happy to be back on this forum. it has been a while. I am a falconer, hunting with a goshawk. Typically i hunt rabbits. I have tried ducks as well, but you need some ducks in puddles or they just dive back in as the gos overtakes them.

    In the 80's we used to hunt European hare around the Pearson airport area, Those days are gone, although I hear there are still some on the airport.

    i decided I would like to try again so I checked around and followed the "where are those hares now breadcrumbs", and i have secured permission to give it a try.
    I will have to be lucky and get a close slip hopefully at my feet so I can get there and give the goshawk a hand if she manages to hold on to one.
    If I pull this off, my season will be a tremendous success. Wish me luck!

    I will be NE of Toronto. While I understand the need to protect your hard won hunting areas, It would be great to hear the areas the hares still exist. I find unlike the cotton tail or Snow Shoe, the Eurohares are in some specific spots or locations but not widespread. I was reviewing some earlier threads from a few years ago where some very good gun hunters were having success . If the gun hunters don't hunt the hares, we will literally have no feedback on how the hares are doing. Nobody is watching!
    With Covid I was limited as to how often I could go to work, so during the summer months, I went to areas I had heard they existed and started talking to farmers in the fields, land owners etc. What became clear was the hares were doing "ok" in some areas but other areas they were not present.
    The next question is why aren't they more widespread? I am not a wildlife expert, but like many of you, I have spent time in the field . I think there is no doubt the increase in coyotes both in numbers and their physical size and pack like attitude was and is bad news for hares as well as other wildlife. When you walk good habitat you see the coyote agrees with you re the tracks and scat that is present.
    I think farming practices, in some cases have made things a bit more difficult for the hares. I often find when speaking to farmers who have hares on their property, they also have not changed their farms much at all. They still have bands of land between fields with zig zag cedar rail fencing . These provide the hares with food sources and protection from weather . I also noticed they like big plots of land. If they were to hear a coyote coming, they can make good their escape with a large head start and not be encumbered by anything while running at warp speed. I have also heard a few farmers say the hares were often close to their buildings not unlike the Cotton tail. Perhaps this is also safer than being way out in the open. Coyotes are not willing to come too close to farmer's homes etc.
    Without these attributes, my guess is this makes life much more difficult for the hare. I think it also explains why , at least speaking for myself, you don't see the hares spread out in much larger ares.
    I trust some of the hare hunters will respond.

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    I will be hunting in the opposite direction , NE of Toronto. I was lucky to meet up with a farmer who owned 6 farms. He was even kind enough to send me a pin as to where he had seen them running across the road. Ironically, it was the exact same location i was told about a road kill. That will be a good start for me.

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    Man I haven't seen any jacks in years. My dad use to bring at least 1 home everytime he went up. Now we cant even get lucky to see 1

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    After the last snow. I went by atv around my farm and through the hardwood . This was after 2 days of snow. Absolutly no tracks of any kind. . This is hayground and lots of feed. Deer do leave but usually an odd track going through. Haven;t see jack sign , in 2 years. Usually some coyote sign. They come right through our yard, at night. old243

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