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Thread: Omnibus Budget Bill 229, schedule 6.

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    Not at the expense of safeguards that have been in place for 60 years. Or giving to much power to developers who are only in it for quick monetary gain, with no concern for the long range ramifications, of their developments. JB..... I have had to get a special permit for 100 bucks, ( for each tree wanted to be cut), to cut down trees in my own backyard. A city arborist had to come out and inspect before issuing said permit. Why, because my property backs onto a Conservation area with a creek, a creek that is 150 feet from my property line and 50 feet down an embankment. I knew that I would need permits, when I moved in. I would think that anyone should do , 'due diligence' with any , council or organization in charge of giving permission, or handing out permits before any architects would be consulted, or building plans made.
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    That's your choice and opinion, I can respect that. At least we know where you stand even if we don't agree.

    I don't think its fair your safely collecting a pension paid for by him, never experienced the stresses of work outside of public service. I don't think it fair, not remotely that having to move to Alberta due to brain dead policies and "stuff" here. The same type of policies had him leaving Alberta. Only to try and start over here, only having to fight beurcrats that don't live in the real world, only to be in a position today where he not only staring shutting down and declaring bankruptcy in face. The guy is actually paying journeymen, to do work on his house he could be doing himself, so they and their families....

    That word has never, will never exist.

    Funny thing. Despite being the type of person that does agree we need to do more for the planet, Can't say I'm all that impressed with the carnage green policies are leaving in their wake.

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    If I was still working, you would be lining up with others to......' thank me for my service' , as a front line heath care worker. Stress, I had lots of that in my career. The P.S. is definitely not immune from that.

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    God knows in coming years as many like him are into their 70s, the need for more of you will be greater than it is today. shame that......Seriously amazes me how Horwath and many in certain arms of healthcare can scream dire warnings about the needs coming with an aging population. But never quite grasp, why. In the first place....

    I have no problem acknowleging the need and roles of those in PS. My father gave his life...........Your barking up the wrong tree.
    I wonder though, why it is, you and way too many others like you fail to see or appreciate how much you need people to pay your bills, fix your plumbing, invest your money, serve you food, pick up your garbage and on and on...Or at the very least, acknowledge the damage done to them....

    Best meme I saw way back in April. Was of a human body. These people are the brains, these the heart, these the muscles, theses the nerves....And the people you think should be bowing to you the backbone.
    What happens when the backbone collapses?

    Remember that, the next time you think about fairness or this bill.
    If ever, we need to find some common sense, and fast track everything we can. For jobs, for wealth creation, for tax revenue so we can keep paying you....
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    At the expense of our protected areas? It is gone forever, so not worth the monetary short term gains. Is that part of the reset, build everywhere? Dam the future we need money now? Should not the developers world be part of the ‘downturn ‘. Where is their hit?

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    How do I say this and remain respectful.

    If we listened to every agency, every group. Nothing would ever get done Gord. Sometimes you have to make hard choices, and you need to make them now. Not next week or next year. Yesterday.
    To put this is some kind of perspective. We still haven't fully recovered from 2008....have we?

    ~As of the 2020–21 First Quarter Finances, the government is projecting a deficit of $38.5 billion in 2020–21, representing an increase of $18.0 billion from the outlook presented in the March 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update.

    ~Program expense is projected to be $174.2 billion, $13.1 billion higher than the March 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update

    ~The net debt-to-GDP ratio is now projected to be 47.1 per cent in 2020–21, 5.4 percentage points higher than the 41.7 per cent forecast in the March 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update.

    ~The forecast for Total Taxation Revenue has decreased by $10.8 billion compared to the March 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update. This is based on an economic outlook scenario closely aligned with the average of current private-sector forecasts. Furthermore, it takes into account the taxation revenue experience of past economic downturns. This results in a 10.0 per cent decrease in projected taxation revenues, corresponding to a 7.3 percentage point decline in the nominal GDP outlook.

    ~Corporations Tax revenue is lower by $5.2 billion (34.5 per cent) due to a larger projected decline in corporate profits;
    ~Sales Tax revenue is lower by $4.2 billion (14.3 per cent) due to a projected decline in household consumption spending;
    ~Personal Income Tax and Ontario Health Premium combined are lower by $497 million (1.2 per cent) mainly due to lower projected compensation of employees,
    ~Gasoline and Fuel Taxes combined are lower by $448 million (12.8 per cent) due to lower projected volumes purchased;
    ~Employer Health Tax is lower by $387 million (5.7 per cent) due to lower projected compensation of employees; and
    ~All Other Taxes Combined are lower by $75 million mainly due to decreased revenues projected from the Land Transfer Tax.

    Just how do you expect to pay ( and get paid or all your colleagues) for what we know is coming.........
    Were we not short PPE, And PSWs to begin with?
    Let alone, so very very very much else. let alone the lowly tax payers just getting reamed these days?
    Again, Ill twist your word back at you? At what expense Gord?

    Should I mention the fiscal nut house we were in to begin 2020?
    2020-21 First Quarter Finances (
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