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Thread: Human Rights Day

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    Angry Human Rights Day

    China called the biggest threat to human rights on a world wide scale.

    Duh.. look what they are doing in Tibet, South China Sea, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Uriguars, ...

    Sadly this dictatorship is admired by our PM ...

    P.S. More on China
    I was talking with a person I usually talk investment with and they got talking about ANT fincancial... sounds like Leman's brothers in China... and apparently the Teachers Pension Plan is a big holder.

    and China's "invasion of the South Pacific

    and Africa

    and building islands so it can claim territory hundreds of miles from their actual coast.
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    Life in prison for starting a protests . The 2 guys who started the one last year got 5years then they changed the law to life lol.

    No right at all do as your told or else.
    Or else what lol.

    We need to stand up to freedom and our rights . It's a shame so many have no clue of their rights especially in Canada.

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