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Thread: UN reveals goals of Trudeau's 'Great Reset'

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    The agenda goal 13

    In the Canadian agenda it mentions going national same goals and targets without the star of being the leader.

    In the un agenda it also talks about the going national but here is the kicker . The un is and partners with the wef on its climate actions.

    The United nation has a star in its targets that says they will be the national headquarters. So who is behind the drive and who will we take orders from.

    "*Acknowledging that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the primary international, intergovernmental forum for negotiating the global response to climate change."

    Canada has the same agenda. It's not a conspiracy about the 2030 agenda .

    The conspiracy is who is running the show. It'd plastered all of Canada government sites that Canada partnerships with the United nations the United nation is partners with the wef . Again it goes full circle to the control panel..

    As I pointed out the other day bill gates its quoted saying he sat down with key senators to make up the inflation reduction act bill and get it passed. Who elected that guy to make policies? Nobody but that is the way it works now that again is just another conspiracy that's plastered all over the wef website.

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    A good listen that breaks down the agenda goals.

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    Just came across 2016 article.

    The reality is how much closer to this are we ?

    I filled out a consultation with our banking system to the digital currency.

    How many countries have moved to the new systems. ?

    They are working on the digital identification as we speak.

    Free money for going digital.

    Europeans are basically getting universal basic income for putting chips in your hands.

    World coin is paying you for your eyes to be scanned to link yout digital identification.

    Car regulations are in place

    Yes talks of tokenization your house , cars basically everything. It's how digital currency works . Yes our government of Canada has digitalalization in the works.

    No coincidence as I said before you need to look at what they say and years later it comes into effect.

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