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Thread: Canadian Tire : Pick-up

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbk View Post
    Hi Oaknut-i never ever ordered/received ammo via Online order.
    Other then the obvious-need PAL and info for delivery-HOW actually this works.

    Mostly interested in delivery part.What if i am not home,what they do then, when delivered.Or i have to go to Canada Post and pick it up there?Cheers
    The site will ask for the first 8 digits of your pal, basic online payment follows. Canada post will not ship ammunition so it has to travel by CanPar.

    If you are not home they will hold it at a pick up location for you which is a Purolator depot in my case or follow directions left by you from a form you print out and leave on the door.

    I have recently stocked up on a few things I have noticed are getting harder to find like my 180 grn, psp, core lokt remingtons.

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