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    What’s everyone’s experience with cold days like tomorrow morning (-10)this late in the season. Geese were in the field early and most of the day today with the warm temps. Will geese still come out and feed with the cold spike? Gonna giver one more go tomorrow was just curious everyone’s thoughts and experiences.

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    I would think they would be there feeding again, they need to fuel their inner heat tank
    Good for you getting out, too cold for me
    Wishing you the best of luck
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    oh if i could get out one last time i would buddy! late season is prime time for both ducks and geese in pockets where they still hang out. this year hasnt been as cold so more birds are sticking around. i love it when it gets so cold the river freezes to a small stream and they all pile into one spot. i put the field dekes along the frozen stuff when the water is pretty much knee deep and they come right over to check it out.

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