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    I'm thinking about my deer herd, and wondering what I can be doing now to help it grow or start getting ready for next season.
    It's been a very mild winter so far so they probably don't need supplemental feeding. They're all on crown land so I can't hinge cut trees to improve bedding areas. Not enough snow to pack down trails with a snowmobile.
    There are hardly any deer left around here. I used to see 10 or more a day in the winter. Now I see 1 a week, or fewer.
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    Hunt some coyotes on that crown land.

    That's about all you'll effectively be able to do on crown. That, and hope nobody else shoots those deer next October.

    Seeing a deer a week, especially if you're talking hunting scenarios, isn't too bad. Seeing 10 a day or so is abnormal for most.

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    Sounds like the local deer herd doesn’t need your help this winter, however there are some things that you can be doing such as: reviewing your hunting area to locate new stand sites. Perhaps you can cut new trails or upgrade old ones. Get out into the bush and check out areas that you are not familiar with. Look over your gear and equipment to make sure that everything is in good shape and functioning as it should. Check out eBay for used deer hunting books and read up on deer behaviour and hunting techniques. Practice your shooting skills. Have fun!

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    get out and hunt them even have some wolves up there, what are you waiting for

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