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Thread: Libertarian Party

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilroy View Post
    What makes me feel warm and fussy is Justin today telling the media that he will be serving for many more years to come so I guess an election coming and with Joe down south its all peachy.
    Keeping him in office should not bring warmth to anyone lol.

    Have you figured out what opportunity brings ? Who will the opportunity benifet ?

    How does a deadly virus bring opportunity ?

    Let's build back better what is better?

    Government can't save humanity issues

    Only one way to build back better and that's to kill the economy .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilroy View Post
    Oh I see your sage advice only referred to this individual post and was not meant as general advice. Yeh OK then, my pants are just fine.
    Seeing as I quoted him in that post, my "sage advice" was directed at fishermccann and was in reference to the extremes between the right and the left on here and how foolish those on the extreme ends tend to sound much of the time. Somehow you related that "advice" to me suggesting that one of the biggest loudmouths on the forum can't take what he dishes out.

    Like I said, nice try. I could start looking up old posts of yours to relate to new posts in some feeble attempt to character assassinate you as well, but you seem to do a pretty good job of that on your own.

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    Thread disintegrated into sludgy mess of quibbling banter.

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