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Thread: Town suspends beaver trapping following public outcry

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    Citiots........coming to a town near you.
    The City of Burlington accepts that beavers are part of the natural environment and we do not engage in lethal trapping. While live trapping and relocating beavers is permitted under the Provincial Regulations, the release must be within one kilometer. Given that beavers are very territorial and will endeavor to return to their place of capture, permanent relocation is generally not possible or practical.

    Subject to the location of beaver activity, an alternative strategy may be to wrap selected trees in a wire fabric for protection. Only in very extreme circumstances, where there exists a substantiated threat to public safety, would the city consider other measures to alleviate the issue.

    Its OK John I will be there to help you wrap these tree's in wire fabric ,just give me a call.

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    This thread has got me thinking about good alternatives for nuisance beaver....

    I've come up with a surefire plan to win the day.

    The city folk are always up in arms about predator hunting, in my area we have far too many wolves. I say we should live trap a pack and drop them off to clean up the beaver in a natural way down there, the bonus is that the city folk can hear the howling from their back yards! Talk about a win win!

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