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Thread: Perch and Jumbo's 2021

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    Default Perch and Jumbo's 2021

    Well I'm going to keep all my fishing for the remaining of the ice season in this one thread . Will keep perch reports in this one and will start a Whitefish thread when the time comes.

    Today was the first day I got out on Simcoe . For almost being February and just starting the perch is a bit late.
    Anyway on the newest ice to freeze up in the area I was in still had spots of 2.5 up to 4 and 3/4 inches . First spot produced some fish late start never check the ice in the dark lol.

    The first hour I had 4 good ones and let my first ok keeper go. Not sure why I left to look for better but I did . Wanted to try a another spot but didn't make there as the ice just got to iffy. It was 2.5 inches but soft on top the last warm spell did some damage to the top half you can see it in a picture below . So couldn't make it to were I wanted to. Fished that area for a bit with only small dinks so tried a few more spots as I worked my way back and nothing.

    Went back to my original holes and the fish turned off had more come in and not commit . Missed a few more and one good one and called it quits lol. Should of just stayed where I was home by noon lol.

    Some guys tried to make it to the island on a atv and Argo. I talked to him when he first got out there. My last report of the area had an open water spot last week when I first checked. so I figured I would head to that spot first before venturing out more that would be a weak link so it's good to know what was there . It was 2.5 inches. Anyway I seen they wanted to head out he was spudding his way out . I gave him the heads up about the thin ice and told him it was open not long ago . His response was he flew over the area before it froze back over and said there were several open spots. With that in mind they must of had a plan he knew more than I did now lol.

    Anyway they ended up going down after they checked their path and was already out there. They went back for the atv in the Argo got the atv as the atv went most of the way across before realizing that his buddy was in the water . A quick pull out with the atv got the Argo out but left a 50 ft path of open water.
    Mission was failed and they abandoned there plan lol.

    Sorry for the long post it's the intro next one's will be right to the point of perching. Next week I will try another spot just capped over the other day.

    Cheers stay safe

    No Jumbo's today biggest is 11 3/4 but it has the head of a jumbo.

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    Looking good! I might head out this weekend, I've been avoiding it because of the crowds. What depth of water did you make it out to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean.f View Post
    Looking good! I might head out this weekend, I've been avoiding it because of the crowds. What depth of water did you make it out to?
    11 Ftw was my max was so close to the deeper holes that's where I was heading .

    The next few nights it will firm up a little more.

    Good luck if yea head out. Check as you go machines tried to cross around McRae so there is a big hole in that area lol.

    My kids bugging me when she can go out might have to try it again next week . Bring the hut and sight fish

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    Good to hear you got out there. I hope it was warmer there than here, we were out and damn near froze. Tried a bigger body of water but couldn't get to our spots either.

    Ice started about a foot thick at shore, 7 inches within a couple hundred feet and made us turn back at about 600 feet out because we were down to an inch or two

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    Nice perch, Be safe out there.
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    Nice work. Look forward to the updates
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