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Thread: What Line / Reel Size for Medium Power Ice Rod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smitty55 View Post
    When you use a 500 series reel with it's small spool diameter you're bound to get more coiling from the line memory. You could try one of the line conditioners from Blakemore or KVD and I've often heard of soaking your whole spool in very hot water for like 15 minutes before going out but I've never tried it. If you were to use tungsten jigs you could have more weight in a smaller profile that would also keep the line straighter.
    Your 2000 series reel will be fine for general use. More line in per turn than a 1000 and a stronger drag should you get into bigger fish.

    Thanks for the reply.

    The 500 series seems good for stocked trout and panfish, and it's a fun fight with the bigger trout. I think what I will do is swap out the 4lbs mono for 4lbs ice mono, and it should be good enough for me.

    I think the 2000 size loaded with 8lbs ice mono will be a good all round option.

    Do you know if there are any downsides to using ice mono in the open water season? If I have enough on the reels and it's in good shape, I will switch them back to my other rods without new line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishermccann View Post
    I use a braided line , no cold water memory, and a leader of about 5 feet of fluorocarbon so the fish can't see it.
    I know braid is supposed to be better for sensitivity in deeper water. It's something to think about if I buy another setup for deeper species or just in general. Thanks for the reply.

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