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Thread: CCFR Radio

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    Has too much time on their hands

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    Thumbup CCFR Radio

    Most recent update, distorted view of how firearm owners are shown in the media and Legal defense insurance and CCFR vs Wendy Cuckoo bird

    and the podcast version

    Also their educational videos
    Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 1 - Is It Really About Public Safety?
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    Has too much time on their hands

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    and more videos
    Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 2 - Where Do Crime Guns Come From?

    Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 3 - Do More Guns Equal More Death?

    Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 4 - Common Sense Gun Laws?

    Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 5 - Why Would Anyone Need a Gun?
    * they are recommending showing this to non-firearm owners. Education and questions and real answers... the enemy of the Liberals!
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    Has too much time on their hands

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    Warning, seems Bill ban em Blair is putting out more LIEbral b.s. legislation on Tuesday it sounds like...

    A government that says openness and evidence... is of course using dictatorial methods and denying access to the evidence that they used for their ban legislation. "not providing the evidence they are normally obliged to provide" or "it will take 8 years to provide"

    Any guesses on the legislation, it will likely be something that attacks the law abiding and will win them votes since it looks like a late spring/early summer election are being setup.... handgun ban? Semi-auto ban? Questioning the government ban? Something they can fear monger like crazy, lie and the public is ignorant of and say that if we don't win those terrible people will get to keep their firearms...

    and their insurance
    and legal defence
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    Borderline Spammer

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    Good post mosquito, thanks for keeping us informed. I'll be sure to have chest waders waders on as I'm sure the lieberal bs will be deep as it always is when either gun grabbing Billy or truedope open their mouths as we all know the pair of them have a horrendous case of verbal diarrhea.

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    Has too much time on their hands

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    Thumbs down

    Mess is an understatement... it seems they wanted to make the guns they will be seizing valueless before they decided to put a value on them and to allow municipalities to have more power... did they promise not to do bans etc. ah well, must be an election coming, the attack on the law abiding has started
    Wannabe 加拿大最高獨裁者 Justlied (again) Trudeau needs to go.

    C-21 – What A Mess – REVIEW
    Let’s review the particulars:

    Red Flag Law
    The Criminal Code will be amended to allow anyone to apply to a judge, without notice to the firearm-owner, for an order to immediately remove firearms from an individual who may pose a danger to themselves or others, or from a third party who could provide firearms to such an individual, based on information provided from a complainant. This can be done without a warrant, where the information provided by the complainant suggests there isn’t time to get a warrant.
    This creates obvious constitutional issues regarding warrantless searches, in addition to the obvious risks of abuse by, for example, vindictive former romantic partners.

    Yellow Flag Law
    A new provision in the Firearms Act will allow a Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) to temporarily suspend an individual’s firearms license if the CFO receives information calling into question their license eligibility. This runs up against the prohibition against being found guilty until proven innocent.

    S. 74 “Turn In Your Guns”
    A new provision requires the surrender of firearms during a legal challenge of license revocation under section 74, and allows for their destruction if required. Affected owners will no longer retain their firearms while appealing a revocation.

    Replica Firearms
    This creates a prohibition on importation, exportation and sale applies to all non-regulated airguns that look like modern firearms.

    Deletion and Replacement of Grandfathering (s. 12.01)
    The grandfathering provisions of s. 12(8) and s. 12(9) (the “Mystery Class”) are being deleted in favour of another grandfathering provision (s. 12.01), one that only allows for storage of the OIC guns without use.
    This effectively destroys the value of hundreds of thousands of firearms that are caught by the recent May 1, 2020 OIC, and future bans as well, turning them into worthless “safe queens”.
    Note that no buyback has been implemented so as to compensate the owners of these firearms for their destroyed value.
    It is not clear what dated they are going to use (the “prescribed date”) for the possession of the gun or the possession or application of certs. They have messed that up before.
    There will be no further acquisitions under this license. A corollary of this is that there will be no market for you to sell your affected guns. They will now be worthless.

    Municipal Firearm Bans
    The proposed creation of s. 58.01 allows for municipalities to create bylaws that in turn creates the criminal offence of the prohibition of the possession of a handgun other than at a licensed firearm storage facility (a range).
    Transporting a handgun through such a municipality will also be criminal, other than for limited purposes such as leaving the country or going to the CFO’s office. This moves dangerously close to allowing municipalities to create criminal law, and will unquestionably be subject to a constitutional review.

    Ammunition (s. 37)
    Individuals without a license cannot obtain ammunition from abroad.

    De Facto Long Gun Registry
    Because of the requirement to register all of the newly prohibited guns, and all such guns that may be prohibited in the future, this creates a long gun registry for the new prohibs.
    This also creates new requirements for continuous reporting as to where the guns are and how they are stored.

    Cartridge Capacity
    This provides a new penalty of up to 5 years for unpinning a magazine. Of course possessing a prohibited magazine is already illegal.

    Mail Order Transfers of Firearms (s. 32)
    there will be new prescribed conditions to be complied with, in addition to The previous requirements.

    Centralizing Authorization to Carry Power (s. 54)
    Where you want an authorization to carry to protect life, your local CFO will no longer be able to provide it. That must be requested from the central “Commissioner”. Only the Commissioner will be able to provide ATCs.
    This is clearly an anti-provincial-CFO maneuver.


    "Never going to ban guns" - Justlied Trudeau
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    Has too much time on their hands

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    Airsoft/air rifle etc. may be targeted too as prohibs.....

    And the anti's are celebrating....or if you prefer in crazy mode again.... a BB gun is a gateway ....

    NFA talking tonight , I will add the CCFR after they have put up their video or more on this.
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    Has too much time on their hands

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    CCFR Message to the Airsoft Community
    <a href="" target="_blank">

    C-21 was tabled earlier today. It's mostly a gun bill, but the liberals have slipped in a section intended to close the loophole that allows milsim type airsoft guns in Canada.

    In other words, if it passes those airsofts, BB guns etc. that look like military and prohibited firearms will likely become prohibited. As I said before, the anti's are happy with them "taking action" on "gateway" guns

    I'll focus on CCFR's responses and videos here so I won't adda new post, but here is:

    Brian Lilley's take ... a Misfire
    * Note anti's still want more.

    A Lawyers review

    - worst legislation
    - help for stalkers etc.
    - attack and ban of airsoft and many paintball
    - replacing grandfathering and making far worse
    - making sure they have power over the provincial firearm officers.
    - handgun ban, powers given to municipal governments.
    - can suspend your licence for 30 days and keep repeating it without appeal (real bad)
    - you have to turn in your firearms to challenge your suspension (penalty for challenging their decisions)
    - things like advertising for self defence would be illegal and a crime

    A terrible bill, even non-firearm owners should be concerned about parts of this.

    "can't understate how bad this is"

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    Has too much time on their hands

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    Is the Long Gun Registry coming back ..... sort of. Newly Prohibited firearms can be kept BUT have to be registered like a handgun.
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    Has too much time on their hands

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    2213 Bias Episode 86 on C-21

    Episode 86 on C-21

    End of Airsoft, BB and airguns???? ...
    - ignoring municipal bylaw bans a criminal charge * Sask already passed a law to block this .... send an email to Ford
    - advertising issues etc.

    Gearing up for an election...
    Liberal plan... US vs THEM .... Them #1 Firearm owners.

    CSSA on C-21 too

    An interesting interview
    * he has it right on many points but the biggest two are....
    1) it is a distraction from vaccines, WE, SNC etc. and feeding on fear and ignorance.
    2) Red flag - ANYONE can call the CFO on a firearm owner. Owner is guilty until proven innocence. Police called on airsoft gun.....
    ** listen about minute 52 or 53 (I listened live) and thru 58 ..... it ain't a rabbit hole ... it's a cobra hole!
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    Has too much time on their hands

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    CCFR on CBC

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