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Thread: Perch fishing tommorrow

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    Default Perch fishing tommorrow

    So looks like I'm going to get my but in gear and get some perch for the table tomorrow .
    Rough plan might be heading to Sibbald as easy parking and fairly short walk to perch, or heading up to Lefory.
    I'm a walker so limits other long distance options
    Open to being point in the right direction if someone got a better option.
    Pm specifics though as don't want too much of a crowd around me
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    I got a bunch of smaller ones and a couple keepers off Lefroy just before it dropped off, less than 15' about 2 weeks ago.

    Make sure you have some spoons, the Cisco flipping spoon did good but the jigs, the jigging raps and minnows only got me a few smaller ones. It looks like they don't make them anymore so maybe try the smaller Len Thompsons, Cleo or Williams spoons or even one of the cisco smaller spoons next week.

    What worked, but still got alot of little ones was a 1.5" Canadian Wiggler. Red head, white body with an 18" - 24" rise and slow drop probably got me most of the keepers.

    It was my summer box so it still had some misc lures and I tried an experiment and I went up to the 2 7/8" rattler Canadian wiggler and it pulled them in, I had probably 20 perch at one point .... all just staring... and staring .... and staring and slowly leaving... and me changing lures again. Only a couple the littlest real aggressive ones took a half nip at it. Next week my plan is to have one rigged the same but add a dropper fly. Maybe a foot above, I was tying a couple last night. A rattler spoon would likely do good either with a minnow head or feathered treble.
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    Give it coin flip lol.

    I'm doing the same thing for the whitties for tomorrow. LoL I was out yesterday got 3 lost one ,marked fish but should I try another spot lol.

    I can tell you that sibalds won't have a hundred extra people pre fishing for the ms tournament lol.

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