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Thread: Reminder - I got this in Sept 2020 to anaylze validity! You be the judge

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    [QUOTE=line052;1149034]I deleted the rest of comment because this is the point that matters:

    Why is it we need immigration? Did you ever wonder why, especially in the last 45yrs. Prior to that (45 yrs ago), we had mass settlement immigration, fleeing famine or just the simple to settle and claim Canadian sovereignty through land grants and population growth. All that type of immigration was good and caused growth, economic prosperity.

    After 1972 PET instituted the new BOC rules which allowed the government (no longer constrained by Gold Standard), to join the FIAT banking system and create debt without assets backing in gold. The debt of Canada has risen with each government since - that rise in debt has also caused the rise of taxation to pay for that debt.

    It don't matter what type/stripe of government we have had in power - they have all lied to you and increased debt unabated. What used to a 17% across the board is more in the 52% range (all taxation- including consumption taxes). This also allowed the government to control inflation using BOC and government policy, which has artificially propped up the housing markets, and these policies have to run in cycles - anyone old enough will remember the boom and bust cycles of the housing markets in the 80's, 90's and 2000's - and we are about to enter into another downturn again.

    SO back to why need immigration - excessive taxation is why -what used a ability for a single parent (Dad works - mom home) and low taxes allowed that to happen. Today 2 adults making 50K each can barely qualify for a mortgage, because half of their pay is gone in form of taxation or another.

    Excessive Taxation increases to pay for the debt of Canadian's has caused people to question whether they can afford to have children, it is also the reason why Canadians have been having less children..because they cannot afford to feed them.

    This is the new immigration policy we have, population growth through immigration - and the negative effect of that policy is political influence in immigration blocks in the amount of freebies they offer to select groups for political gain and votes. It has become a political tool for re-election strategies of the mainstream parties, is part of the cancel culture and pandering to select groups.

    At one time in Canada we had immigration for prospect of a better life and increased personal wealth and better opportunities for new Canadian' we have a political election tool which does not serve the greater needs of Canadians and growth.

    Finally the political control of immigrants furthers the need CMHC to have constant expansion of the housing markets to keep the Central Banks full of long term mortgages and growth to stimulate that prime sector of economic activity and GDP...without it, the banks will falter ….that is the primary (secondary need), hence so many programs for immigrants to access funds that average Canadian's do not have access to, and are all debt financed (FEDS) to pay for it..I.E. the constant need to increase taxation.

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    Without immigration]
    Probably one of the best posts I have read in a long time but between you and JBEN I see a difference. JBEN does not expect a downturn and you do, so who could be right.

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    Exactly how China will take control of Canada. Debt. That is why they created the AIIB of which Chrystia Freeland is on the board of governors.
    First they needed to bankrupt us with covid and launder billions in taxpayers money.

    "But documents provided to the House of Commons’ Canada-China relations committee show diplomats recently warned the Trudeau government that Beijing is using multilateral forums such as AIIB and its “Belt and Road Initiative” to “leverage its economic prowess to gain regional influence and export its model of governance around the world.”

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    The great reset colliding with the Great Awakening.
    Two conspiracies theories happening at the same time, what a coincidence.

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