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Thread: Saturday morning...Small ugly coyote

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    Default Saturday morning...Small ugly coyote

    Got to the farm at first light... Went back to the same place I shot one about a month ago... Setup in just about the same location. After about 5 minutes or so of calling I look over my left shoulder and there is a coyote making his way to my caller/decoy.
    The snow level has decreased significantly over the past 2 weeks making walking a lot easier but much more noisy as the remaining snow is all crusty.
    As I try to reposition myself, the crusty snow gives me away, he turns and starts running away. I lift my gun off the shooting sticks, take the first shot miss....Try and line him up again, miss number 2, now I have to get up and move around some brush for the final shot and I think it's a hit. I see him sputter and loose balance. He runs off and I loose sight of him....
    I collect my gear and go for a walk... At first I could not find anything but after retracing my steps I find the first signs of blood.... I followed the blood trail for about 250 yds before finding him piled up along the edge of the bush...
    A bit lucky and a bit proud as that 3rd shot was a standing, off hand rifle shot at over 250 yds on a running coyote, not an easy thing to do... I definitely hit him too far back but must have hit a main artery. He had the beginning sign of mange (rat like tail) so had to leave him behind......

    How it played out

    The blood trail

    The find

    The pose
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    Google maps tells me it was closer to a 230 yd shot
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    "Meat is not grown in stores"

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    WTG thats a nice shot even if it was a little back. Too bad about the mange. Thanks for posting, love reading your coyote hunting posts.
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    Nice job on that last shot. Long way for offhand shooting!

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    WTG Frank, nice shooting again, that is a long shot freehand

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