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    It was really nice today so I was able to plant 3 peach trees that were delivered last week - that makes 12 peach trees I got - 9 are older trees and I get a lot of peaches each year from them - I end up giving some to my kids and I can a lot of them - I'll tell you something - there is nothing like home canned peaches - can't have enough of them - the one thing about these trees they get so many peaches on them that if you don't thin the fruit and brace up some limbs they break the limbs - its usually hard to determine how much to thin the fruit because the squirrels take a lot and I don't really have a handle on how many they will get - when the peaches are the size of black walnuts the squirrels take them - the only defense I have is to shoot them - I don't like to do that but there isn't any other way to stop them -

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    You're a month or so ahead of us up here Joe...the snow is still here (but melting fast the past 3 days) and the ground is still frozen. Also why I don't think Peach trees would do well in these parts. I've seen pear trees though.
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    That's one thing about Pa. it has nice weather and one can grow just about anything - I think it is one of the nicer states -

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