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    This is the only way wife wants to do them now, she is disappointed when I fry or deep fry. they are really good but I like to change things up.

    Smaller eyes, which seems to be most I'm getting this year.

    • in a over save glass pan sized to fit number of fish you are cooking.
    • put layer of fillets down side by side
    • put lemon pepper, pepper, and garlic
    • chunks of butter
    • cover with rings of onion
    • top with real slices of lemon.
    • put other half of fillet on top.
    • repeat above on top of second fillet.

    Bake in pre heated oven 350deg for 25min.


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    Will give it a try. that is if I catch enough ,

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    To the above, add just a touch of dill.

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    i like the layering idea...I also like to put jerk seasoning and do a baked jerk whitefish...or another idea is to brush on a thin coat of real mayonnaise then sprinkle bread crumbs ontop with any seasoning itll have a crispy outside but not deep fried...the mayo helps the crumbs stick and helps with the golden brown look.

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    panko with parmesan after an egg wash with lemon/butter brushed on. 425 for 20 min, on parchment paper on a cookie sheet

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