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Thread: Can a government ‘buyback’ get these guns out of Canadians’ hands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilroy View Post
    What are you talking about I 'am always giving out big liberal hugs on the forum.
    No wonder I feel violated. I guess it's okay as long as you "respect the fact that someone else might have experienced that differently.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatwhite View Post
    Not many realize this but a friend of Pierre Trudeau was Mao Zedong.
    Yep.... Mao, the man that had the ultimate responsibility for the Chinese Great Famine (25M dead+) and the cultural revolution (50M+ dead) etc. the current gov't has 1,000,000+ in camps, I keep hearing about the kidnapping of girls from North Korea and being sold (shortage of women due to 1 child policy), Hong Kong killing democracy, military bases in South China sea and trying to set up others in African nations and a long list of human rights abuses, spying etc......

    Canada trains Chinese troops

    "Most pathetic in the history of Five Eyes" -

    and a bit more reality

    and they are banning airsoft C-21.... anyone think the bolts and single shots are safe.... I'm not convinced anymore.
    C-10 - trying to control the internet
    C-22 reducing criminals sentences.

    and last I heard had added over 320 NOT listed firearms to the OIC list, including 22s and shotguns that looked "wrong"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badenoch View Post
    Doesn't look like he's been doing much "running around."
    Degrading a kid because of their weight or appearance. You have stooped to a whole new low. Despicable, disrespectful and truly disgusting to make such comments about a child.

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