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Thread: Moose Hunter Points

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    Quote Originally Posted by werner.reiche View Post
    Sort of surprising to have to explain to hunters what is and isn't "luck".
    I'm guessing a lot of you think that every guy who nails a once-in-a-lifetime buck every year or two is "lucky".
    Werner-i generally agree with most of your posts.
    I guess we do not have to agree on everything.

    Few things ,just on the side the luck "theory"

    Moose hunt-one can have as many point as possible can-and can apply to the hardest seeming WMU,to benefit from the reat many points he have-Yet has zero control over how many other hunters with the same points will apply. No one will know that-ever.
    Plus the MNRF may /will change points needed for certain WMU due of high interest by a drop of a hat.

    Blasted Saber made a very good rundown on this.

    About the luck: one can be dedicated as much as one can afford to be, and have all the opportunity he wants-if the buck of a lifetime was just shot by the neighbour. Or was ran over by the fire truck.
    Here is a story about how much luck is needed to do very well:
    I have a buddy-local guy,accomplished deer hunter.Has many kills-mostly archery.He harvested i would say anywhere of 6 nice bucks, somewhere 140-160 point .Many ,well over 100 points.......
    He does not care much about those things,so i can not tell You all the scores....
    He did not get skunked ever since i know him(over 26 years)

    His work makes him work with many farmers, from Toronto east-Windsor west ,plus he has many farmer work colleagues.
    Thus he has acess to acres and acres of deer habitat-with zero dedication/preparation and opportunity.Just a little chat....

    He gets 2-3 prime spots ,and gets on them exclusive hunting opportunity (he is buddy with the owners one way or another).He got this ,since none of them ladnowners hunt, and has families with zero interest in hunting. Luck...?
    Exclusive right from coworker on prime land-how much work ,dedication and preparation is involved, other then asking for permission.
    He gets them prime spots selected- where is lack of food(more bush then fields)and then he simply BAITS.
    With free bait from his farmer buddies-he owns a city dwelling.Luck to get unlimited free bait..?

    Then ,depending on the day-he sits in one of the 3 stands he has,and watches the bait.
    Then goes out 3-5 times before he harvest a bucks. Many times that buck was a nice one.
    He could wait for that super nice one-as much as he wants.

    We can discuss this as long as we want-but other then him being a good hunter(he knows his stuff ,and proved many times on bear and moose as well)good shot ,what else did he have to do to be so successful?
    To get lucky with his profession-which opened the door for all the other stream of luck.

    If we want to go back to the "once in a life time buck harvested every 1-2 years"-we lack of description what that may mean (and it will mean whole lot of different thing in
    Pay for use Public land in Southern Ontario - exclusive farms-big forest of the great North, or farmland heavily hunted yearly by driving deer.)Heck,even the geographical location will make a difference in the buck antler size.
    Unless we settle on some score -like 180 typical,or some solid measurable like that,to each hunter that term will mean something else.

    I read a lot of them books, and watched a lot of really big names in deer hunting on Youtube or on Videos,, and while many harvested many great bucks,yet the once in lifetime deer is still elusive for most of them. Especially elusive every 1-2 years,regardelss how much they "prepare and take the opportunity."

    Unless they hunt those very exclusive properties and/or gamefarms,where access is greatly limited,and the deer is groomed to grow big antlers.

    If we call harvesting a great buck on them properties a great thig-yes, but if we want to make harvest scores from there to be a hunting success benchamark-hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    At the end-i do absolutely agree with:work hard,get dedicated,spend a lot of time,show love for the sport.Then ,maybe then-succes will follow.
    With some consistency.
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    Here’s a story about luck. A guy can go out and set up several trail cameras on 160 acres of land from May to December and only get photos of 120-130 inch class bucks. Based on what he has seen from his cameras, he might reasonably conclude that there aren’t any huge bucks around. Regardless, come November, he goes out to his stand one morning in the dark and loses his bearings because he forgot his flashlight. He stumbles around in the dark and finally finds his stand as legal hunting hours starts. As he settles his sweaty butt in the tree stand, he accidentally drops his Fanny pack which hits the ground with a thud while spilling the contents all over the forest floor. As the frustrated hunter sits there and marvels at the day so far, a deer approaches his position. The hunter fumbles while loading his rifle and drops his clip to the ground. Oblivious to all of this, the deer continues its approach and the hunter manages to feed a cartridge into the chamber. As he shoulders the rifle, he gets a glimpse of bones as the buck stops and turns broadside at 50 yards. The hunter settles the crosshairs on the deer’s chest and squeezes the trigger. At the sound of the shot, the buck crumbles in its tracks. It’s not until the hunter gets down and stands over the buck that he realizes how large the buck actually is... 255 field dressed with a 165” rack! The hunter had intimate knowledge of the property which gave him an understanding of how the resident deer used it. This knowledge helped him pick stand locations. Although he had 4 trail cameras out, he never once photographed that buck. The obvious reason is that the property wasn’t part of its home range. This is an example of a lucky hunter.

    What I like about hunting is that there are so many variables that can’t be controlled and anything can happen on any given day... and that’s the way it should be.

    Werner, BTW, if a guy is getting a “once in a lifetime” every one or two years, I would argue that these bucks are run of the mill; at least for that hunter. Regardless, with that track record, he’s not lucky but a skilled hunter.

    Lastly, I have 4 points and applied for a tag. I don’t expect to get a tag with my first choice but am hoping that I may get lucky when they get to the second and third choices in the second allocation stage.
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    fisherman A and fisherman B go trout fishing together all the time. Use the same bait, same technique. Fisherman A uses 4 lb test and #12 hooks. Fisherman B uses 12 lb test and #4 hooks.

    One day fisherman B catches 5 fish, fisherman A catches one. Fisherman B says “I told you none of that crap matters, fishing is just right place, right time.”

    Over 25 years and 1000 fishing trips, fisherman A outfishes fisherman B 5:1. To take it further, it would then be “probable” (not lucky) that from the 5 biggest fish these two ever caught, Fisherman A would catch approximately 4/5 of them.
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    We have a small moose gang, around 8 guys. I'm king with 18pts and we hunt the 50's.
    Know what we did?? -99z. Uncertainty of Covert19 had us wondering if I blew my load on an adult tag this year and we can't legally get enough guys to cover off our land whats the point?
    Can only be in better shape next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by contaucreek View Post
    We have a small moose gang, around 8 guys. I'm king with 18pts and we hunt the 50's.
    Know what we did?? -99z. Uncertainty of Covert19 had us wondering if I blew my load on an adult tag this year and we can't legally get enough guys to cover off our land whats the point?
    Can only be in better shape next year.
    You could also have just not claimed a tag in that event. At least you would have an idea of your chances in 22.....
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    4pts applied to 18A Bull. See how it goes. ��

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