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Thread: Ask a C/O, spring time training

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    Quote Originally Posted by finsfurfeathers View Post
    Finally someone who has asked the right question.
    If a woodcock hasn't been flushed has it been "hunted"
    So, it doesn't even register with you that you're on the wrong side of the issue in this discussion?
    Hence my original question about the appropriateness of the original thread on this Forum.

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    As someone who enjoys hunting and fishing, I am always "hunting" when out in the woods all year, whether looking for sheds, traffic patterns of deer in the spring, new habitat in a changing landscape, transition areas and such. Just about anything that might help raise my odds of future harvests is on the agenda. Is looking at satellite views of a new area hunting? Some would say yes.
    The defining point would probably be does it impact a species, and by how much. Who decides the amount of disturbance if any should be allowed. If there is a zero tolerance policy then no person should be allowed into an area from snow melt until late summer to fully protect an at risk species. It is a slippery slope and there are going to be different opinions fueled by how it helps an individual fulfill his goals. There is no blanket correct answer and as long as it is legal to do can only be governed by your own moral compass.

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