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Thread: Elk Reporting from 2020 Hunt

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    Default Elk Reporting from 2020 Hunt

    In reading through the new hunting regulations I noticed they included stats for the 2020 elk season and a few things caught my eye. I will preface this by saying I know little about the elk population in Ontario but I did apply to the draw last year for the first time.

    First off for Harvest Area 6 it says 3 bulls were harvested and when I applied last year I am 99% sure there were only 2 bull tags available. I wonder if this was simply a typo? I find it odd they would include it in the official report if it was some sort of illegal activity that resulted in a 3rd bull being taken.

    The other thing that jumped out was that no cows were taken. I would have to imagine cows are more plentiful and would be slightly easier to successfully hunt. Is this simply a result of most applicants applying in hopes of drawing the bull tag and not even bothering to hunt if they drew the cow tag?

    I doubt anyone knows any real answers but just thought they were some interesting facts.

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    YUP 2 Bull Tags available.

    Harvest Area 6: The part of WMU 61 south of the northern edge of the Hydro One transmission line running through Tudor, Grimsthorpe and Effingham Townships.

    Hunt Code: 131

    Bull Tag Quota: 2

    Cow Tag Quota: 2

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    Good catch. 3 bulls harvested with a quota of 2.
    Likely two persons from same group reported the same kill. The tag holder and shooter.

    Interesting no cows taken in 2020. Guessing bulls replied to calling. Cows didn't.
    One Shot = One Kill

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