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Thread: Public land misuse or idiots in the forest

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    Quote Originally Posted by trimmer21 View Post
    Because there's people in all sections of the Ganaraska Forest,including loggers,at any given time from hikers to hunters to dirt bikers,any shooting that sounds like someone has targets set up gets reported immediately. Police can be there in minutes,especially,the ATV crew. It really is a good thing because nonsense within the forest has dropped off to a trickle,especially,with poaching. OMNRF officers and Police are there. Me and the Mrs. love going on night rides with our ATV's. It's not uncommon to run into Police patrols during late evening and into the night.
    I feel like the extra funds provided by motorized use as well as hunters may play a role in how much attention the forest receives. I haven't been there in a few years but I know they take a proactive approach for sure. I also know that the user groups, especially motorized, make it their mission to educate people about the behaviors that will ruin the privileges they enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean.f View Post
    Once upon a time those signs were posted in a few places I hunt. They've since been shot to oblivion or removed completely with no sign of enforcement for the most part. It seems like they deterred the people who caused the problems originally, but now newcomers are back to the same old. I guess until there's complaints. There was a recent incident near zephyr where some people were blasting away at some old boats and trees, they were reported and a news article written.
    I find that interesting.......they told the police "they heard shots being fired in their direction". I find it difficult to believe that average Joe public can determine the direction of a gunshot in a woodlot - did he also narrow down the caliber of the gun as well?

    In all seriousness our gun club offered a free range day for hunters to sight in their guns in the fall (before the deer hunt) and it was advertised in the local paper. We had extra RO's on duty and members there to help some guys zero their gun properly as some guys had a solid understanding on the process but you had several that were clueless. I can't tell you how many times I heard guys say 'my gun shoots a little high and to the right' - well we are here to fix that!

    With COVID most gun ranges are members only with most clubs having a long waiting list. Since the sport is growing people are looking for new and innovative ways to shoot.
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    My hobby is to wander on Crown Land - I am always exploring new places. My wife and I recently got some E-Bikes with the big tires and we find old roads and just follow them. Every time we come home, we bring a bag of trash back with us - not ours, but the stuff we find along trails and creeks. I like chips and beer a LOT, but I never leave cans and bags in the bush. I would urge the rest of you that wander the back woods to do the same - we can't save every wild space from idiots but I think if a place looks clean, it's less likely to be trashed up because there is already a pile of stuff there on the ground.

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