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Thread: OOD 2021 BIG GOBBLER FUN CONTEST - Rules and Registration Thread

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    Default OOD 2021 BIG GOBBLER FUN CONTEST - Rules and Registration Thread

    OOD 2021 BIG GOBBLER FUN CONTEST - Rules and Registration Thread

    The 2021 spring turkey season is only a couple weeks away, and now is your chance to sign up.

    This year I'm using simplified rules and scoring, so make sure you read it before entering, as there are changes from last year. There will be a prize pack for the lucky winners, for the highest single score, highest double score (for those who fill two tags).

    So far this year we have the following confirmed price donations:

    1. GobbleStalker Calls - call & prize pack - - thank-you once again Kevin! I cannot say enough good things about my GobbleStalker pots.

    2. Bee Saavy Honey - Farm Hand Lotion Bars - donated by OOD member Oddmott - - its great stuff for dry or chafed skin.

    3. Stoneboat Farm & Sugarbush - fresh 2021 Maple Syrup

    This contest is for FUN only. It is being run by for the members of the ONTARIO OUT OF DOORS Community. It is NOT run by ONTARIO OUT OF DOORS, its affiliates, staff, forum moderators or the O.F.A.H. All questions and concerns regarding this contest or sub-forum should be directed to me by PM on this site. The prizes are a bonus, the bragging rights are enormous, and the fame will follow you for life.......

    Contest officially opens April 25 and will be updated regularly. You must be an active community member (with 25 posts minimum) and sign up BEFORE April 25 (ie - by midnight on April 24th)

    SIGN-Up by simply replying to this thread indicating your interest in participating and I will add you to the list.

    Please read the Rules and Scoring Methods before signing up. I will be keeping track of scores and will update a separate thread called 2021 leader board periodically. Contest winners will be announced A.S.A.P.

    Also please remember this is a FUN contest, and this means that it is supposed to be fun for everyone, myself included. There will be zero tolerance for any flak or nonsense. If you can't play nicely and have fun, you will be removed from the contest, period. To be SUPER clear - I reserve the right to waive, modify or reinterpret the rules as I see fit, at any time, based on the circumstances. If you think I have been unfair in running this contest in the past, and you can't accept these conditions, please do not enter and move along.

    Scores will be determined as follows:


    1. Your first picture should be of THE BIRD AND WHAT YOU USED TO HARVEST THE BIRD: gun or bow. Bird and firearm used must be in the picture. You may or may not be present in your photo. I encourage you to be in your picture to show off your achievement.

    2. Your second picture must show A CLEAR MEASUREMENT IN INCHES OF THE LONGEST SPUR (note: spurs are measured along the outside curvature for longest length)

    3. Your third picture must show A CLEAR MEASUREMENT IN INCHES OF THE LONGEST BEARD IN ITS ENTIRETY (note: beards are measured from skin to tip for longest length and must be attached to the bird for at least one of the pictures) I may request a second beard picture with a close up of the measurement. At least one photo must show the entire beard. The longest portion, even if it is only one strand, will be used in the calculation.

    4. Your fourth picture must show the date and time notched on your tag. (Note -
    feel free to cover your name with your thumb, I don’t want your personal info, just want legally taken birds entered in the contest). Furthermore, each entry must be submitted the day of the harvest or the following day - this allows for the leaderboard to be updated as the season goes along, and makes for an exciting finish. Delayed entries will be disqualified.

    This is how the scoring will work
    (Longest Spur Length x 20) + (Longest Beard Length x 2) + (Method of Harvest Bonus) = Total Score

    Method of Harvest Bonus:

    Shotgun: 0 points
    Bow: 5 points

    The following conversions may help you with your scores:

    1/16 = 0.0625 .............. 2/16 or 1/8 = 0.1250
    3/16 = 0.1875 .............. 4/16 or 1/4 = 0.2500
    5/16 = 0.3125 .............. 6/16 or 3/8 = 0.3750
    7/16 = 0.4375 .............. 8/16 or 1/2 = 0.5000
    9/16 = 0.5625 .............. 10/16 or 5/8 = 0.6250
    11/16 = 0.6875 ............. 12/16 or 3/4 = 0.7500
    13/16 = 0.8125 ............. 14/16 or 7/8 = 0.8750
    15/16 = 0.9375

    Beard = 10 1/2" .................................................. ........................ 10.5 x 2 = 21
    Longest Spur = 1 1/8"................................................ ................. 1.125 x 20 = 22.5
    Harvested By Cross Bow .................................................. ......... Bonus = 5

    48.5 Total Points

    Its also not just about the score, tell us your story! Or post a video of your hunt (have you ever tried to do this, it is waaaay harder than just hunting. Help others learn what worked for you, and for those who can't get out, or haven't got a bird yet, or are stuck at work wishing they were turkey hunting, let them live vicariously through your successful hunt!

    Final Note: I need to be able to see the whole beard in the interest of fairness. I may request additional pictures if something isn't absolutely clear. If there is a tie in the scoring, I will put the names in a hat and randomly draw a winner.

    If you have any questions or comments feel free to PM me.

    Please post your scores and pics on my other thread called (OOD 2021 BIG FUN GOBBLER CONTEST LEADERBOARD - OFFICIAL THREAD TO POST YOUR SCORES AND PICS )

    Hunt safe, have fun and good luck to all who enter!
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    Always feels good to see the start of the turkey contest registration.
    As last years champ do I get an automatic buy in or do I still have to register?
    Either way sign me up.
    Time in the outdoors is never wasted

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    First of all, thanks Lenny for doing this again for everyone!!
    I’m in!

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    Just starting out

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    Thanks again for organizing. Always fun keeping up with the entries.
    I’m in for this year again.

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    I’m in, maybe I’ll get lucky this year. Thanks for organizing Lenny

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    Thanks for running it again, please include me in the emotional distress that last weeks.

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    I am going to get in on it too just encase I get one that is really unusual... Thanks for doing it again Lenny
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    Thanks for running this. I'm in.
    They say a man turns old when sorrow and regret take the place of hope and dreams

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    Hi there.Count me in for the BIG GOBBLER CONTEST.Helps me strive to bag a big one.

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    I'm in, thanks Lenny!

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