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Thread: Video: Coyote Captures on the Cam (Ottawa)

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    Default Video: Coyote Captures on the Cam (Ottawa)

    Hello All,

    Here's some neat footage from the Zopu cam, showing some solo and paired-off behaviour with coyotes.


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    awesome video's justin, you make me want to put down my gun and start shooting with cameras ahhaha

    i cant stop thinking about the coyote that sniffed the back of my blind last year at 430 am. They sniff so loud they literally sound like a horse.

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    Cheers, Bow!
    Yep, the one good thing about not being a hunter is all of my time is spent with the trail cams and Canon, lol
    Cool about the blind sniffing. Bet that gave you a bit of a fright, haha!

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