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    I picked up some of this Big & J Deer supplement last year and had a little left over so I put it out earlier this month . Works fabulous I have two different bucks hitting this spot almost daily.

    I'm hoping to keep this going to watch the spring antler growth.

    Also available at Peavy (TSC).
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    great pics, but whats on the back of theneck? is that just a white patch?

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    A few years ago, I had bucks coming to the mineral lick all summer long and it was interesting to see the antler growth from week to week.

    Unfortunately bears started hitting the deer chow in the spring and wouldn’t leave until all gone. Then they would periodically come back looking for more. This affected deer visitation at the bait/mineral sites. A couple of my cameras also got bit, luckily not fatal. I hope that you have better luck.
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    I have heard good reports from folks that use Big & J products. Thinking I will have to purchase some
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