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    There is another thread about knives.

    This gave an idea for this thread-Knife projects.

    Lets see what anyone did,and learn from each other.

    I modified 3 knives .
    My tools were a Dremel tool,a powered belt sander(we call it a Dynafile)with narrow belts, a hand file,some sandpaper ,masking tape ,hand drill ,polishing cone, stone ,and a wise.
    And a lot of patience.

    Drew the shape with sharpie,masked the material to be protected .Filed off(or cut off with the Dremel-ever so slowly, not to get hurt,and not to overheat the blade).Then hand filed,hand sanded the blade.Ran a fine sharpening stone on the area before being polished with a hand drill/polish paste and polishing cotton cone.
    The one i modified the cutting side of the blade (middle knife)was a "big" project,removed quite a material with the Powersander .Then profiled the edge.
    I got this one to a professional knife sharping busines,who eventually finalized the cutting edge ,and polished the whole blade.
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    My first knife A2 tool steel 58 Rc hard
    Photo on 2019-08-08 at 7.34 PM.jpeg
    Second knife D2 Tool steel 58 Rc hard
    Some experiments
    Photo on 2021-04-29 at 10.29 PM.jpg
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    Nice work guys.
    I have many knives but don't have the skill or interest to make my own.
    I did buy a knife kit from Grohmann and want to copy the wood handle and make my own with black ash that's been drying for 20 years.
    I also have a Spyderco Bill Moran that I cant stand the handle and want to change it.
    My Dad and one of his friend each made me knives when I was younger.
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    Experiment made with grinding the teeth

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