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    So I finally got around to properly mounting my Starlink Satellite.

    The system is not really viable for people in the city it's really more for rural areas with large lot's. You cannot be blocking the dish with tree's. I temporarily mounted mine behind my garage on a table where it had a small view of the sky at which time I probably averaged speeds of around 30 mb/s. Now I have mounted it on my 30 ft old TV antenna and the speeds are awesome and no blockage, I am averaging 100 mb/s and hit peaks of 250 mb/s.

    Somethings I have noticed is that Starlink tightly fits the cat6 cable pre-plugged into the power system and you have to unplug it to be able to set it up. This creates a problem as you can damage the cat6 end male connector, which I did but have temporarily fixed it until a buddy can come buy and re spliced it.

    The initial setup is 800.00 for the system and then 150.00 per month afterwards. To some in the city this might sound expensive but in rural areas where we pay bell 90+ (I pay 100 with tax) and only received 5 mb/s tops (3.5 if your lucky) it is awesome.

    Now if you just occasionally use the internet then your probably fine and don't really need this system. In my case All TV is streamed from the internet and my home phone is what you call VOIP which also runs off the internet (costs me 3 bucks a month, with all the services), we also have 1 play station and 4 computers and I work as a Programmer / Data Analyst so I need the speed.

    It is expected that the cost of the dish may drop down to 600.00 bucks but it has not yet. Right now you cannot buy it as the BETA test is on going. Currently there are approx 1400 Starlink Satellites and another 60 heading up on Tuesday or Wednesday, by Xmas there will be about at least 2000-3000, depends on the weather to be able to launch rockets.

    Starlink satellites are built so that when they out live there usefulness they head back to earth and burn up in the atmosphere.




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