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Thread: Coyote Toying With Gobblers

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    This morning I was out Turkey hunting and just after sun up a couple Toms started gobbling on the roost. A couple minutes later a coyote starts barking and howling, as soon as it would howl the turkeys would gobble. Completely normal for the turkeys to do this as I know a lot of times they gobble after loud sounds. As soon as the turkeys stopped gobbling the coyote would sound off and get them to gobble again. The kicker was the coyote kept doing it over and over again for like 5min. Seems like the coyote was doing it on purpose for its own amusement. This is the second time I have witnessed this. Has this happened to anyone else
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    Had something similar happen on Thursday morning. I’m certain that as a result the turkeys changed their minds about what direction to go after leaving the roost. Definitely seemed to be a wilful "cat & mouse" element to this behavior.
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    I once had a Coyote come into my turkey dekes. It won't do it again.

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    There was couple hundred turkeys yarded up around the farm all winter.

    At the crack of dawn in the winter I would howl and the turkeys would gobble.

    Almost every coyote I seen was RIGHT after the turkeys would fly down. It's like the coyote wouldn't leave the bush edge until the turkeys did.

    Maybe coincidence, I don't know.

    But I do know .22 250 makes gobblers sound off everytime LOL

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