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Thread: 13-14 yr old Kids with drugs and guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
    The biggest pain in a LEO's life.
    My grandfather was a Hamilton copper (retired in 1974), and before I went to university he talked me out of applying to Hamilton Police Service. Gone are the days of when you heard of a crime in your area and you immediately had a short list of suspects that were involved or knew who was involved. Next shift you and your partner would take a couple of these guys down a dark alley, or for a drive and have a 'chat' with them and next thing you know you have your guy. Back then no one cared because if you were not involved in criminal activity you were not on the radar.

    Back then you could scare kids straight. No hand holding no coddling - if you continue to do this and this is what will happen to you. Now we have kids that have been playing the victim card their whole criminal career and playing the system to their advantage. Our present system is such a disgrace IMHO. Yet again.,.......another Canadian failure.

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    Still don't agree I would say it is reverse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bushmoose View Post
    I believe Fishcan clarified his statement with "granted, not always"? Of course GW, there are exceptions to any situation, but you're not going to make a blanket statement like this without rebuttal of some kind. The story MP posted is about children. These children are very susceptible to things they learn from their environment and authorative figures around them Their brain hasn't had a chance to decide for themselves what is wrong or right, good or bad. Regardless what side of the tracks these kids live on, they are the product of their environment, pure and simple.

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    It really doesn’t matter what the subject is ( gangs/guns), we are all products of our experiences and environments.

    At its simplest, children that are raised in households where there’s alcoholism, or abuse. Tend to fall into the same. First Nations and people that grow up on reserves?

    The UK. Where a caste system is still very much alive. And it is extremely difficult, for people change classes.

    There are certainly those who are born on the wrong side of the tracks, who want nothing to do with their parents lives, and do all they can to break the cycle. But, not only is that the exception, and difficult to begin with, depending on the topic, there are barriers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePal View Post
    I've become pretty much numb to these stories but this on caught my in the heck did these kids get this much money, drugs and guns ???

    Note: this isn't the's London Ont !!
    Notice that the rivet is still there on the SKS mag, ha ha ha.

    That pump is going to hurt to shoot.

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    150 grand worth of drugs....gotta be an older sibling or parent figure letting these kids do their dealings thinking young kids are less likely to get caught.

    I can remember being in gr 8 and starting high school and kids my age dealing drugs for older brothers or even their dad.

    These kids see how much easy money can be made, Get greedy and usually end up in jail or killed.

    My best friend growing up was caught in college with 100 grand worth of Ecstasy and MDMA. Came from a wealthy farming family. He didn't do any jail time as his parents spent a fortune in lawyers. I thought he was done for.

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