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    Hey All,

    Came across, but the cost for it is simply not feasible

    What methods does everyone for hunt logs/trail cams pics etc ?


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    I keep a journal of interactions while afield bit my cam pics generally aren't kept aside from a few special ones as they don't provide the info I require. My biggest mistakes are always in my memory so that stays there.

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    I keep track by manually sorting each picture. I have an electronic folder on my laptop for each camera sorted by year. At the end of the season, I type up a summary for each camera and include pictures of the different bucks that were observed. Apps like deer are overkill for my purposes so I don’t see the point in paying for something that doesn’t suit my needs. SPYPOINT has a buck tracker service which they charge extra for. Lol, I don’t need them to tell me if a deer is a buck or not and the technology isn’t anything close to the facial recognition used by the CIA.
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