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Thread: Canadian Election Suspended Indefinitely

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    When you see something like that it does make you want to say...
    Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Canada (PRC2) under Chairman Trudeau and the Tru-Cult worshippers and accomplices.

    More than likely it is just another lie of the left because they saw that they would end up like Wynne but with C-10 and it's powers, C-21 and who knows what else waiting to see if these 2 get through without riots.... we will see.

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    Think back to say 2010-2016.
    We all knew, whoever followed, was going to be.
    A- screwed
    B-Unable to do anything.

    Because even with a majority, while that allowed whoever to do X.

    Huge chunks of the electorate namely A and B would lose their minds, bellyache about pain, fight tooth and nail. And A very short, 4 year turn at the wheel.

    Really, seriously. What’s changed since Ford won?


    O’Toole/JT are virtually tied in the latest polls.

    I hope no-one gets uptight about what I’m going to “say”. I am sure, we all have friends/family that are “Left”.

    how many of them, do you see on FB. Saying
    “wtf” why haven’t new taxes come in to help pay? Or holy crap, what a mess how will we get out of this. Maybe in a year or two we should tax the capital gains on housing. Or Jack 407 tolls, bring in new road tolls. Cut public service expenses. Triple taxes at the LCBO. Bring in 25% estate tax, kill half our tax avoidance things like RSP deferrals, or Jack taxation of dividends, or

    which ever, what ever.


    The rest?????
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    You know Mike 10 yrs ago I would have agreed with your comment. Conservatives are left to clean up the mess of Libs. The reality is both CONS/LIBS have driven this countries debt since 1972 (17B), to Harper (642B), now Trudeau Jnr to 1.3 Trillion.

    There is no such thing as fiscal conservative, they never existed after 1972. It all was and is a ploy to sway your vote, by hate...hate blue vote red, hate red vote blue. I fell for it, for many years.

    Just grab a chart of Canada's debt since 1972 and you can see it plainly. Only one time during this period did it get balanced (Chretien and Martin), and they did by stealing from CPP (8 Billion), and EI (3 billion). Well that theft of CCP has caused the increases instituted un JT to make up accrued interest. JBen can confirm this.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikePal View Post
    The Village idiot isn't polling high enough and as long as the NDP are willing to bargain their wish list to support the Libs, then we are going to be with them for a awhile.

    Which like you say, and I have mention, the CPC really don't want to inherit this mess...there are some tough times ahead, so best to let the blame fall where it belongs.
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    Mark Snow, Leader Of The, Ontario Libertarian Party

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