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Thread: Covid. Class action.

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    Default Covid. Class action.

    Is there any class action lawsuits that will payout?
    someone is guilty and someone needs to be paid.

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    There’s a couple that have started. Check out Roco Galati. Only time will tell if they develop into full blown class actions. He’s a constitutional lawyer and has had success in the past.

    Hard to say if a suit over vaccines is feasible. Ultimately no-one is forced to get one.

    With respect to the right to move freely, assemble and earn a living. I think he has a case. Some legal experts think it will come down to “balance” and “the greater good”.

    Or as Sir Isaac might have said.
    For every action, there’s an equal and opposite. I don’t think anyone can argue we haven’t thrown people overboard and done virtually nothing for them.

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