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    Just got back from a 3 day fly-in fishing trip on Kabinakagami Lake in Algoma District. It's about a 30 min flight out of White River in a DeHavilland Otter. Stayed at Watson's Kaby Lodge. A really good deal on right now with a 5 day American Plan for $1650 and that includes the taxes. You can go even cheaper, and for fewer days if you decide to use their housekeeping plan and bring your own grub. You get spolied rotten. Nice new 16 foot boats with 20 Yammys, electric start, auto bilges, comfortable seats, and they all come with a Humminbird Helix 7 in them. You are waited on hand and foot and the owners, Tom and Michelle are fantastic. We were treated like kings. Our cabin was great. Nice and clean, came with brand new propane heat, fridge and freezer, microwave, coffee maker, hot showers and nice clean bathroom. The one thing I really noticed was how nice and quiet the camp was. They've spent the time to build an insulated generator shed. You don't even hear their gen unit, which is something that has really ruined a trip for me in the past. The food was fantastic ! Prime rib, turkey dinner, pork loin roast, creme brulet,............... They take your breakfast order at supper time and they bring it steaming to your cabin in the morning for you. The fishing for walleye and pike was nothing short of sick! With zero effort you can each easily catch 50 walleye plus per person, without fishing hard or knowing the lake. It would take you years to cover the lake as it's 45km long and covered in islands, We saw maybe 4% of the lake and my buddy and I caught 122 walleye, 28 pike, lost probably another 30 walleye, and this was in about 14 hours on the lake. The walleye are all 13 to 22 inches. Nice thick fish. The lodge has about a dozen shore lunch sites on the lake, with picnic tables and a fire hearth, Each day you get a burlap bag of firewood and your shorelunch kit that contains all your condiments and pans. We ate like pigs and enjoyed watching the bald eagles clean up the fish guts we left on the rocks. We used mainly 1/4 oz jigs, either bare, or with a twister tail on it. The camp has lots of minnows and I imagine worms would be good as well. We caught fish on plain lead jigs, often right under the boat! I tried using a few other lures and they all caught fish - husky jerks, countdown rapalas, bluefox vibrax spinners, shadraps, walleye diver. I read the trip log in the main lodge and saw lots of reports where die-hard fishing parties of four had boated 3000+ fish during their stay!.. We never targetted pike, but there is lots of pics in the lodge of fish in the 12 - 20lb class.
    I give Watson's Kaby Lodge top rating in my books. I'll be going back with my wife soon. Check Google for more info. They have a good website with online booking. They are also pet friendly.
    Dave and Mike

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    Here's the website for the lodge. You can book online and it's easy to call directly to the lodge to talk to Tom or Michelle if you have any questions. Also forgot to mention that they have cold beer at the lodge and have tackle at good prices. We went through a lot of jig heads with all the pike break-offs. The lazerhead gold and purple ones they sold worked well. No need to bring your net or fish finder - the boats are already fully equipped. The one thing I wish I had packed was a pair of pliers for getting the pike off the hook.

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