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Thread: Tapatalk problems?

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    Default Tapatalk problems?

    Does anyone else have problems opening OODMAG forums from Tapatalk?

    3 days in a row it would just have the loading screen but wouldn't ever work. I could access 5 other forums I use with Tapatalk no problem.

    This isn't the first time either, Just so sick of it, about to give up trying anymore.

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    Seems load. But slow uploading pictures is a job

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    Have that issue all the time, Uninstall then install again. All that worked for me.

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    I use Tapatalk as well and get the same problem every now and then. After 2 or 3 days it "fixes" or updates somehow. In the meantime I just use the "activity stream" on the regular site on my phone.

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