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Thread: For Everything There Is A Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deer Hunter View Post
    China will be doing well enough with a living paying population. IMO
    Exactly! It wouldn’t be China that would be my choice as a nation going for world supremacy. They, however, would be a good dodge to direct attention towards and away from oneself. For one thing I don’t believe China has any inclinations towards some type of manifest destiny to dominate the world. Nor do they have the extraterrestrial technology that was secreted away and meticulously covered up after the Roswell incident back in the middle of the twentieth century. In fact, China has only just now arrive at a point in time, where they are considering the possibility of space exploration. As well they have a population that responds well to communist rule, why would they want to taken on world populations that have a democratic dispositions and a bent on personal freedoms? They are already having enough difficulties with Taiwan.

    You don’t stop hunting because you grow old. You ground old because you stop hunting.
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