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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm just wondering where does one look, when looking to rent a cabin/hunt camp either on Private or Crown Land for whitetail rifle season? Unfortunately, our farm here in Southern Ontario has been sold and after 1 final season before losing the lease... we have no place to bowhunt any longer (which is fine - owner sold).

    If anyone can help or provide some information/direction on where we should look that would be great. We don't wat to get into an outfitter/lodge. OR if anyone in Southern Ontario have room on some land, let me know.


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    Room for how many

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    my plan was to get an airbnb close to crown, 15-20 mins drive away
    but my buddy just got a new truck with generators, may be able to camp out if I borrow his truck !
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    Quote Originally Posted by js4fn View Post
    Room for how many
    Well I'm more so looking for my dad - he doesn't get much time to hunt he's been spending the last few weeks driving around the county asking farmers. We have some orchards but I've been sitting on them the last 2 years and they don't hold much other than cottontails/jack rabbits. So, I'm just looking to get him on something this year.

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