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    I hunted the very West end of the Island (Meldrum Bay) for many years back in the 80' 90's and early 2000's. It was covered in deer especially in the 80's and 90's
    Does anyone hunt that area and if so how is the population in your area.
    A few of my old hunting buddies still hunt Meldrum Bay (Loon/Lily Lake) and have found the numbers to be very low for several years
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    The island has been not great for last
    5-7yrs really. Couple real hard winters and tag quotas that didnít follow trend. Itís on the up and up again and will take some time. A couple thousand guys hunting hard for the week over multiple years has thinned them out and itís going to take some mnr management in regards to tags to get it back on track. I used to live there and hunting pressure has increased dramatically over the last 25yrs as the lore of manitoulin has spread.

    some areas are holding good numbers and other great areas of the past are not. Itís not doom and gloom honestly, just not what was enjoyed in the 80s-early 2000ís.
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