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Thread: Election Called..

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    Quote Originally Posted by werner.reiche View Post
    "hard right conservatives" have abandoned O'toole - but he's picking up the middle of the road votes - which he needs more than the hard right if he wants to form a government.

    I am completely puzzled by the mindset of the group of conservatives who would rather rally behind a leader who is too far right to win an election, than support a more centrist leader who can take the middle and form a majority government. If you can't win the middle - you've got nothing. And before you label me a red tory - I'm a bluer conservative than most - church going, social conservative, fiscal conservative, small government conservative, lets not screw over Alberta and rural people conservative. But I'm not stupid either. Only Trudeau and the liberals come out ahead when you ignore the middle voters.
    Well said! Too far right and too far behind.
    "Only dead fish go with the flow."
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