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Thread: If You Have A Shotgun

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick_iles View Post
    It’s all about demographics!!!! Not to mention, Chicago has about twice the population as Maine.
    The numbers don't lie. Places where more good people have guns, less crime. Places good people have less guns, crime flourishes.

    Take guns away from good people and you end up criminals running the show. Afghanistan Taliban are taking guns away from citizens, hope is a lost cause for the innocent

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    Concealed carry equals equality for everyone.
    Good people are on an even footing with the bad who think twice of pulling dumb moves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smitty55 View Post
    The point that you seem to keep missing is that the city with the most restrictive gun laws also has the highest rate of gun crimes in the state by a long shot, it's not even close. Their violent crime rate is 943 per 100k while the national average is 379. Obviously the only benefit for strict gun control is for criminals.
    Check these stats out if you want accuracy.
    Thank you Smitty
    “You have enemies ? Good. It means you have stood up for something, sometime in your life”: Winston Churchill

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