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Thread: First semi auto shotgun

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    The only "jam" I've ever had with my inertia guns was caused by not pulling the stock tight into my shoulder when wearing winter clothing, the spent hull wouldn't clear the receiver on the way out. It only happened with 3-1/2" shells. I only strip mine down at the end of the season. Just a bore snake and a bit of lube on the rails after hunting.

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    All depends on how much you're shooting in a waterfowl season.

    If you're like me and you shoot 1000+ rounds in the Fall at ducks and geese, you're gonna need to clean your guns more than once! Usually I start to notice things slowing down from being dirty once the sub zero temps set in.


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    Too much of a good thing is not good. Guns love oil but just the right amount is what we're after. Semi-auto's require more cleaning than say a pump action especially if it's gas operated.
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    Well was up the last 2 days, this gun is awesome. No cleaning or anything right out the box shot straight as a arrow didnt jam once. Very impressed, great purchase from my point of view ! Cycled everything that I put in it. Without a issue.

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