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    What a great 'win' for the Village Idiot..."roughly of the 30 million Canadians of voting age, only about one in six cast a Liberal ballot."

    Let that sink in....only 1 in 6 people voted for a Liberal...and they are Governing our country. Anyone else see something wrong with this ??

    Even Harper won his minority government with 36.5%

    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau now becomes the prime minister with the slimmest share of overall electoral support in Canadian history. On Monday, Trudeau got only 32.2 per cent of the popular vote (which means that 67.8 per cent of Canadians did not vote for him). For context, the 2006 election that first elected Stephen Harper is usually cited as one of the slimmest minority governments in Canadian history. Even in that case, Harper managed 36.3 per cent of the vote

    Only 58.5% of Canadians voted...another record low, thanks to the Village Idiot for calling an election during a Health Emergency.. a great Trudeau Legacy

    Have we mentioned that Monday had the lowest voter turnout of any election in history? Only 58.5 per cent of eligible voters bothered to go to a voting place. As a result, Trudeau’s 32.2 per cent share of the popular vote represents only 5.2 million Canadians. This means that of the roughly 30 million Canadians of voting age, only about one in six cast a Liberal ballot.
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